About us

Our company

Founded in 2012, Lacestar shoe laces have been producing excellent quality shoe laces for over two years, originally starting off as an eBay company with a great track record, we decided to launch our own brand of shoelaces in many different styles, including flat, round... and well thats it for now. We are growing organically with customer demand, so the only reason we are here is becase there is a demand for high quality shoe laces to give your shoes a new look, or to freshen up some old sneeks that could do with a bit of love!


We hand dye all of our laces in small batches, no two batches are ever the same, which adds to the uniqueness of our laces!

Our team

We are a family operation, so you can expect a kind and immediate response to any queries put to us, and a speedy order turn around, with most orders sent out on the same day.


We are located In Brighton, UK (thats SOUTH ENGLAND for all of you who cant tie shoe laces properly and have to use velcro).